SecureDrives SSD

SecureDrives SSD

SecureDrives SSD promises ultimate data protection, self-destructs with a text message

The Autothysis 128s and Autothysis 128t are Secure Drives’ new SSDs which both have a storage space of 128 GB. The most remarkable feature of the SSDs is their ability to protect data by allowing the user to send an SMS message to an assigned number. Once sent, the message will trigger a ‘self-destruct’ command which will cause the data to be wiped off. The action shall proceed with the destruction of the drive together with the broken security controller and NAND flash chips in the drive’s enclosure.

This type of feature in an SSD is perfect for those who keep a lot of private corporate info and trade secrets. It’s also good for those who can’t afford to have their data misplaced or to have them fall into the wrong hands. It is a GSM-equipped SSD drive which can be manipulated remotely and can self-destruct thereby giving the user guaranteed privacy and security.

The new SSDs can also be good for private individuals who like to keep a lot of secrets in their laptop and are therefore worried that their secrets would be discovered in the open. However, the company did not create the SSDs in order to support those who are keen on keeping and even posting their nude photos whether offline or online.

The self-destruct feature of the SSDs is fairly easy to use. Once the user realizes that the laptop or other hardware which has the installed SecureDrives’ SSD is missing, all he needs to do is to send SMS to a unique mobile number which will trigger the drive to destroy itself. Moreover, the SSD’s enclosure has built-in mechanisms that can destroy the flash memory chips which will make the data totally irretrievable.

The drives include other data-protecting features which can come in handy if the self-destruct SMS is not sent or there was no way for the user to know that the drive is missing. The SSDs from Secure Drives can be pre-programmed to automatically destroy itself after being disconnected from a SATAII connector. Other instances that would lead to its self-destruction include the attempt of someone to circumvent the SSDs fails-safe mechanism on a low battery, the inability of receiving a GSM signal for a certain period of time and the motion-sensed series of finger taps which are pre-determined. All of these self-destruct options work together with the 256-bit AES CBC hardware encryption that protects the data.

The new SSDs from Secure Drives retail at $1,566. Other add-on purchases would include touchscreen token that will link the drive for $180 and a yearly GSM subscription worth $47.

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