A Disaster Can Strike at Any Time and to Any Business
The consequences of a disaster on an unprotected, or under protected, company can mean unwanted expense, lost revenue, and a loss of business. Even if you can preserve the data it's important to recover systems quickly to avoid downtime. Clearly the solution requires more than just a backup.
Intelligent Business Continuity

Intelligent Business Continuity is a collection of critical services that help companies avoid data loss and recover quickly in the event of a disaster.
Automated Assurance

Automated Assurance is the pre-disaster action that gives the user peace of mind and keeps watchful eye on changes in the data and infrastructure.
Continuous Protection

Continuous Protection is storing a client's data in a simple nondependent backup chain to allow recoveries from all data points, and keep points for as long as desired.
Securely Stored
Securely Stored means where the data comes to rest in a safe offsite location. Once data leaves the customer site it needs to be protected properly with the correct certifications and policy.
Instant Recovery

Instant Recovery is the final and most important component of an intelligent business continuity solution. No matter the disaster, small to large, our clients need to be up and running as soon as possible. Time is money.

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